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Illegal Immigration

According to Home Ministry figures, the number of foreigners overstaying in India in 2008 was more than 65,000. The related figures for 2009 are not yet available.

Minister of state for home affairs Mullappally Ramachandran told the Lok Sabha Tuesday that foreign nationals found overstaying in India had "entered into the country on valid travel documents".

These 65,000 foreign nationals include 31,200 from Bangladesh, 14,500 from Afghanistan and 7,500 from Pakistan.

Out of these, only 13,995 were found and deported. The rest are presumably still at large somewhere in India.

"Certain instances of some illegal immigrants having obtained voter identity cards, ration cards and driving licences through fraudulent means have been reported," Ramachandran said.

One wonders why we bother to guard our borders at all!


Vinod_Sharma said...

One can only imagine how many of them will have links with terror organisations. What better way to escape suspicion? There are far too many holes in our defence and may of them are due to lack of honesty and integrity at all levels.

BK Chowla, said...

It is all muck.I dont believe that it is possible without the connivance of the netas and goondas.
We have a porous border with Bangla and Nepal which gives an easy walk through for Pakis.

Mavin said...

Those who entered on valid travel documents and did not return....

I am sure there are equal and more who entered without valid travel documents and never returned.

It is tough policing this country and we must attribute relative peace to God's grace...99% and effective administration - 1%.

Sandhya said...

Every news is scary nowadays...I am more worried about our next generation. Illegal immigrants will have just survival in their mind. They need not follow any morals, need not worry about what their biradari will think, nothing. Even religious descipline or patriotism will not be there. They will just behave like nomads.

Happy Kitten said...

This is scary..... every country has immigrants but they are documented unlike in India...

nd rightly said...
One wonders why we bother to guard our borders at all!

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