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Naga leaders say they won’t discuss within Indian constitution.

Kashmir separatists are talking to China for intervention in Kashmir.

Maoists are creating hell for innocent.

China has encircled India geographically.

Americans want Nuke deal with Pak.

America is funding Pak.

Out of Chinese fear, we stop building roads on our side of border.

We have a porous border with Nepal for free movement of ISI agents.

We have a porous border with Bangladesh.

Post 26/11, we had decided not to talk to Pak.

Americans can question Kasab, India can’t question Headly.

Under pressure from Americans we start talks with Pak—no result.

Do we in India have a foreign policy and a country specific policy?

Why are we always junior partners?
It is time we stop playing politics at country’s expense.
Action time.
Wake up call.


Charakan said...

May be we should all pack off to a place where we may not need to worry abt our neighbours .Where shall it be? Another galaxy?

Happy Kitten said...

nd who shall act?

BK Chowla, said...

Chakran, will that help or should we raise the issue before it gets out of hands.?

Parth J Dave said...

Superb compilation!

Please ask our leaders to read this.. "Where are we heading?" asks the public...

Anonymous said...

Great you highlighted such subjects.

jamos jhalla said...

Problem is that we want bhagat singh but not in our own home

Vinod_Sharma said...

As always you hit the nail where it should be. And make our so-called policy makers look like a bunch of mentally challenged idiots - which, going by available evidence, they are.

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