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It was very depressing, it was very hurtful.

Yesterday, I watched a short interview with a person who was on a wheel chair and a person on crutches.

It is a shocking state of affairs in the country, generally, but particularly so with the physically disabled.
The physically disabled are asking the govt to please consider waving off duties on wheel chairs and crutches.

What a request and what a need?

What can be more of an example of the Govt’s disconnect with the aam aadmi?
This is an expectation from a govt which itself is on the crutches of coalition partners.
This is an expectation from a Govt which subsidises food in lok sabha canteen for its members but is blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to basic needs of the physically disabled.



Vinod_Sharma said...

Shocking indeed. You are right; the disconnect is not only real but does not seem to affect anyone unless it affects electoral outcome.

Smitha said...

That is so shocking! How can the govt be so blind? As Vinod says, it does not matter to the govt as it will never affect electoral outcome.

Ugich Konitari said...

There are MP's who raise a hue and cry about Sachin Tendulkar not paying duty on a car.(And keep quiet about his sponsoring the education of 200 underpriviledged children in Mumbai, year after year.) I wonder why they dont raise their voice for ordinary people who must suffer like this and pay duty on their life needs. Never heard of anyone in Parliament shouting about this.

Mavin said...

Our Finance Minister has in his wisdom waived excise duty on toy ballons.

I guess we will have to bring it to his notice, if this is true. A lot of hospital equipment and lifesaving drugs attract very low or nil duties.

There is a case for waiving duties but it is entirely another matter if the diasbled person cannot afford these props. Our society must actually be more forthcoming such that charities could actually subsidise this.

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