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Karela, the Cancer Killer

The bitter-tasting Indian Karela, bitter gourd, has always been known to be highly beneficial against diabetes, high blood pressure, heartburn, cholesterol and ulcers. Scientists from Saint Louis University have now discovered that it is also a giant slayer of breast cancer cells. An extract not only killed human breast cancer cells but also prevented them from multiplying.

Professor Ratan Ray, lead researcher, says she was surprised by the finding. The next step is to test the extract in an animal model and, if results are positive, human trials could follow.

Indian women need not wait for the trial reports. Karela is a commonly available and does not cost much. They should make it an integral part of their diet straightaway.

Karela,the Cancer Killer, is not 'humble' anymore!


Anonymous said...

Since my husband has diabetes, we often include Karela in our meals. Now it seems there is another reason to do so!

Sandhya said...

Same here! We have karelas at least twice a week. Now, will take more...thank you.

BK Chowla, said...

It is good news and information.As far as I am concerned,Karela has been on our menu on regular basis for a long time.
But, this information must be passed on to the "burger" generation.

R. Ramesh said...

good to hear thiss..abt karela..sweet news. bkc sir u right: this information must be passed on to the "burger" generation

Happy Kitten said...

nd it has always been important in aurvedic treatments..

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