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Elephant Goes Berserk at BSP Wedding

BSP MP Kadir Rana's son wed the daughter of the party's Rajya Sabha MP, Munquad Ali, in Meerut, on Wednesday evening. Of course, elephants were part of the celebrations. As per eyewitnesses, an elephant, Sheru, went berserk "as gunshots were fired", also as part of the celebrations.

Apparently, the elephant was in heat, and when he went out of control at the wedding venue, his mahout promptly disappeared.

There was ultimately a 15 hour chase by 200 personnel drawn from three states, smashed vehicles, a blocked road, and a town in panic.

Finally at 2 PM on Thursday, Dr. Ashraf, an elephant specialist from Delhi, was able to tranquilise the animal, and the elephantine drama ended.


Anonymous said...

BSP has amisused the elephant for a long time now, it was the elephant's turn now :)

Anonymous said...

BSP has amisused the elephant for a long time now, it was the elephant's turn now :)

Ugich Konitari said...

In a previous post they fired shots and killed the groom. Here they maddened an elephant. What is the connection between shooting guns and weddings, I have never understood. Here is Mumbai they often burn huge strings of high decibel crackers at weddings, right in the middle of the road.. Someday a motorist is going to go berserk. And I worry, because our police are so otherwise occupied with security (of the shooting types).......

Anonymous said...

Heavy weights.

Vinod_Sharma said...

How did the real elephant know that he was in a state ruled by an elephant? No wonder he decided to show off his strength. May be the other elephant will also be tranquilised in a similar manner by someone from Delhi!

sm said...

just wished why elephant did not killed the corrupt

perumalythoma said...

Have no clue who Kadir Rana is, so don't want to get into Karmic justice glee.
But who's gonna pay for the services of 200 personnel, Dr. Ashraf, the smashed vehicles and the dung-littered roads?
Kadir Rana? Munquad Ali? Behenji? New India Assurance? The elephant? Or should we get in touch with Jayaram?

BK Chowla, said...

The problem is the shameful acts of defiance.No law allows to shoot in the air--irrespective of the occasion.
Instead of trying to catch the elephant-, they should have arrested the fellows who fired.
There is a saying----if the manager rapes his secty, it is the secty who is fired.
So much for justice and implementation of laws.

Mavin said...

Vinod...your comment was great.

I guess, culturally, weddings are always celebrated with a lot of noise and colour. In smaller town and villages "noise" is in the form of shooting guns / AK-47s for the extremist varieties.

Elephants at something new. I though horses were the norm.

I guess this is nothing more than an unfortunate accident which just went out of hand and caused widespread damage.

R. Ramesh said...

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