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Mumbai Dabbawalas to Represent Maharashtra at RD Parade

The Dabbawalas of Mumbai are quite famous- despite the fact that most of them are illiterate, they have given lectures on management to MBA students, and their organization is Six Sigma and ISO 2000 accredited.

There are 5000 Dabbawalas who deliver 2 lakh tiffins daily to office-goers in Mumbai.

They have been chosen this year to represent homeland Maharashtra in Delhi at the 2010 Republic Day parade. "An honour to represent our state at the national level is bigger than any recognition," beams association president Raghunath Medge.

A tableau has been created for the parade depicting the dabbawalas' famed management system.

"Be it any season, heavy rain, scorching heat or winter, the dabbewallas deliver the tiffin boxes. We have tried to recreate this scene with the local train, the handcarts, cycles and the dabbewallas in their midst," Director, cultural affairs, Ajay Ambekar said.


Vinod_Sharma said...

If I am not wrong, it was only after Prince Charles of Britain met them on a visit to India that the Dabbawallahs shot into limelight. I watched a program on them on the Discovery channel, and was was amazed.

Good to see them being so recognised now.

Ugich Konitari said...

What is surprising is their discipline, outside their normal work . You always hear comments from only their leaders. No extraneous opinions from assorted ambitious types. Maybe this discipline is what gives them 6 Sigma. And I am glad they will be in the Republic Day Parade...

BK Chowla said...

They are a great organisation.I have experienced their efficiency for a few years in Mumbai.What is surprising is that without any address on the Dabba,they deliver it to the correct address at the right time.One has to experience it to believe what they are worth.

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