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Why rob an ATM? Just take it!

A couple of months back, thieves broke into a shop in Churu, Rajasthan and, instead of breaking open the 1.4 ton safe containing Rs 17 lakhs, they simply uprooted it and took it away.

That smart trick probably inspired thieves in Meeraganj, Jabalpur. In the early hours of Sunday, they apparently drugged security guard Khangar Razzak and then took away the ATM of the Union Bank of India.

The Superintendent of Police says that the ATM was not properly installed. He also 'revealed' that it would have taken 7-8 persons and a vehicle to do the job because the machine weighed around 450 kgs.

The amount looted? Rs 1.65 lakhs. Or Rs 20,000 per thief. Sure they must be wondering now whether that will be enough to even pay off friendly cops to let them go, should they be spotted.


manju said...

So much work for so little in return!

Sandhya said...

Should I say, interesting, or pity the thieves or pity the police, because they won't get much, IF they catch the thieves!

The thieves are innovative nowadays! It will be interesting to know who planned this and how they carried it out and how the dispersed the plot?!! 'Ocean's eleven'?

BK Chowla said...

Sure ,it might make a nice movie plot.But,it is common knowledge that crime takes over when the society feels neglected,battles for economic survival.
The current MEHNGAI seems to have taken it's toll in Meeragunj and Churu.

nagesh said...

That sound Intresting,they just take away the things that means they are not thieves,they are dacoits

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