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Why Break It If You Can Take It!

Why break a safe if you can take it? So what if it weighs 1.5 tons!

That's exactly what thieves did in a jeweller's shop in the main market of Churu in Rajasthan at around 3 AM last Saturday. After breaking into the shop quietly by opening six different locks, the thieves uprooted the safe containing jewellery worth Rs 17 lakhs, put it in a jeep and sped away!

Shopkeepers living opposite were woken up by the noise made by the safe as it was being loaded into the getaway jeep. Even though they shouted and others also came out on hearing the commotion, the thieves got away.

The Police arrived late, as always, and showed little interest in investigating.

The thieves, who have yet to be caught, must have by now broken the safe open in a safe place!


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