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A 'sweet' surprise from Bengal

A few months back, it was a thief with a golden heart who took a call on the mobile he had stolen and returned LIC bonds, KVPs etc – not valuables that he needed to run his family – to school teacher Kartik Mandal.

A couple of days back, it was Jayanta Gupta of Kamardanga, 24 Parganas, who showed a fine example of Gandhigiri.

Two teenage thieves, Bablu Mistry and Tapas Das, sneaked into Gupta's house when he was away. They were caught stealing by neighbours who beat them, tied them up and informed Gupta.

When Gupta, on return, heard them say that it was their first crime, committed because they could not get two square meals a day, he untied them and treated them to sandesh and rosogulla, banana and bread.

And then he set them free.


BK Chowla said...

Today's economic condition of the common man in terms of inflation is serious which will lead to some taking to crime. I for one feel sorry for them.
And for Mr Gupta, world still has few good human beings still surviving.

ramblingsbybones said...

A few yrs. ago, my BIL's wallet was pick pocketed...2 days later, he found the wallet in his post box sans the cash...All his credit cards and his driver's license were intact...

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