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Villages In Gadchiroli Get Legal Rights Over Forests

In a development that, activists say, sets precedence for other tribal villages, Mendha-Lekha and Marda in Gadchiroli district have become the first villages under the Forest Rights Act (2006) to get community ownership of the forests around them.

Maharashtra Governor S. C. Jamir handed over the Record of Rights to the villagers at a function in Gadchiroli on Tuesday.

The Record of Rights recognises the villagers' rights to manage their forest, water, and the right to forest produce. It gives them ownership of the surrounding forest and allows them to graze cattle there, as well as to collect and store minor forest produce, except timber.

Mohan Hirabai Hiralal, a well-known social activist and environmentalist, says that granting tribals their traditional rights," is the only way with which the union government can put an end to insurgency."


Vinod_Sharma said...

This seems to be a heartening development. But will this be enough to blunt the edge of Naxals around that area?

Perhaps more such actions will end the suspicion that tribals have for the establishment. Development and preservation must go hand in hand.

manju said...

Development and preservation must go hand in hand.-

Yes, that's what I thought, too. The tribals must not feel that they are missing out on education or health services available in other areas because of this.

But it certainly seems to be a problem to provide these without disturbing their traditional way of life.

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Great piece of news in respect of rural development! Thanks Manju for letting us know.

BK Chowla said...

This and similar steps by the Govt will reduce discontent of the backwards and tribals.
It is time all the states start looking at development in trhe rural areas.

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