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An Honest Thief With a Golden Heart

He may not be Robin Hood, but this thief does have a heart of gold and an honesty that you would not associate with someone who robs others.

School teacher Kartik Mandal of Chapra village, Nadia, West Bengal, found his house burgled on Monday morning. A thief had taken everything valuable that he had. Crestfallen, he could do little except to keep calling on his cell number. Finally, the man who took his call declined to return Mandal's stolen belongings because he needed them to run his family.

Mandal then requested him to return at least the LIC bonds, KVPs and other documents that he had taken. The thief, to his utter surprise, agreed and asked him to collect them from a place.

Mandal rushed to the spot and found all that he had asked for kept there in a packet!


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