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History is Always Distorted

The Congress party recently celebrated the 125th year of its founding.

It was a momentous occasion, a time to reflect on the role it played in shaping the destiny of this nation, a moment to be gracious and rise above all pettiness and personal prejudice to gratefully acknowledge the role of all its past leaders.

Unfortunately, it chose to be cheap and petty, and wiped Prime Minister P V Narasimha Rao from the books of history. I regard him as the true visionary and father of all reforms we have seen. But it serves the current set-up to rubbish his achievements.

Hey men of clay, you too shall bite the dust and be consigned to some forgotten page of history. Someone else shall do unto you what you have deigned to do to a loyal and intelligent son of India.


Vinod_Sharma said...

It is indeed a reflection of the pettiness of the only leaders that the Congress has and the sycophancy of their followers in the party. Someone will indeed do unto them what they are doing.

Sad to see India's greatest party being reduced to one family's personal property.

Happy Kitten said...

guess everyone in the party took their usual oaths and strict guidelines so as to be obediently/ everlastingly / obligingly / ... SHAMELESSLY bow to Madam...

hence for one full year the country shall painfully bear the extra burden..

manju said...

The Congress leadership has certainly behaved in a petty manner.

I wish I could believe that someone will do unto them as they have done to one of their own- but that doesn't always happen. Evil very often does prevail and poetic justice doesn't always take place.

BK Chowla said...

Congress is of a peculiar character.To them individuals haven't mattered,it is sycophancy only.
Do we remember Sitaram Kesari?
My fear is that congress may one day do almost the same action on Dr Manmohan Singh.

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