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Party Mood in Kerala

There seems to be no recession in Kerala- which is among the highest alcohol-consuming states in India.

The alcohol sales on Christmas Eve touched a record Rs. 27.98 crore. The Kerala State Beverages Corp (KSBC), the sole wholesaler of Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL) and beer in the state, said that the sales was 29 percent more than what was sold on the Christmas season last year.

Speaking a few days later at the inauguration of the National Conference of All India Federation of Women Lawyers in Kochi, President Pratibha Patil expressed concern about alcoholism in Kerala, while she praised the numerous social advances the state has made. She spoke about the adverse effects of alcoholism on individuals, families, and society.

Kerala is obviously still in a party mood for the festive season though.


Solilo said...

Kerala is always in party mood. Alcohol and hartal.

Vinod_Sharma said...

As people become richer, liquor consumption will only grow. This fact has to be accepted rather than fought. Only then can workable strategies be developed to ensure that resultant ills, personal and societal, are minimised. Hic!

Happy Kitten said...

nd Manju for Onam which the whole of Kerala celebrates the consumption was even more! Keralites are very happy when someone declares hartal since they can booze and celebrate on a paid holiday.

The Pres also mentioned the dowry menace even when the literacy rate of women in Kerala is the highest among all other states.

I dont know if she meant to say that both the above menace yet again is the fault of the female section of the society or that women needs to do more... :)

Happy Kitten said...

missed this .. and as I suspected she did mean the same..

“Women have great potential to bring change in the society and that is why I’m asking them to take the lead. Evils like child marriage, female foeticide, female infanticide and dowry needs to be addressed,” she said

nd I wonder what she as the first woman president has done so far..

I give up!

nd men u may continue drinking merrily.. we women are just not bothered :)

manju said...

Happy Kitten- Her statements do seem to be regressive.

Women do recognize these evils in society and have been taking the lead in trying to curb them.

I think our efforts will be effective only when both men and women work together to address these problems- as they have been in some areas.

BK Chowla said...

I am in agreement with manju.
It has to be a joint effort.
And,incidentally,what is drinking if it is within limits?

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