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Castle of Clouds

A few months ago, a strong new word broke into our Political arena, surprising even the most cynical of us all. Austerity.

Though it was a thought that always lay dormant underneath the flesh of every patriotic Indian, it rarely broke the skin because no one really believed it was a plausible cause. Nor that it was worth thinking of.

So, when the Central Government announced its Austerity Drive and a few heads reached the verge of rolling off their shoulders, the Patriots rejoiced. And voiced their thoughts. Maybe we are getting somewhere.

Today, when I read the news Austerity talk all gas, MPs set to fly high, it feels suddenly like the collapse of a castle of clouds,... Deep Disappointment.

No, Not again!


BK Chowla said...

These people seem to get away with any misdeed.
I would have expected Manniya Rahulji to react to the new facility.
When the austerity mess was announced,was the time when the Govt wanted to divert the discussions on other embarrassing issues.To that extent they did succeed.

Vinod_Sharma said...

You and I feel as if the castle of clouds has collapsed, but they are flying among the clouds and planning the next higher orbit already!

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