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Impossible to Survive

As we look back on 2009 one thing becomes obvious. Living nay surviving has become an expensive affair. Call it failed monsoons or "supply side economics", those in the food trade has never had it so good. Both ends of the chain, i.e., the farmer and the consumer have got the rough end of the stick.

Food prices have spiralled out of control and the officialdom pegs it at 20%. The consumer sees prices have increased by close to 100%. Government is at pains to assure us that the shortfall in foodgrain output is not serious and we have adequate buffer stocks. Yet, prices seem to go and stay up. Is there more to it than meets the eye.

The supply chain has many layers of intermediaries and there is massive profiteering. News about crop failure gets prominence and there is large scale and organised hoarding. Those at mandis openly talk of a corporate house has picked up hundreds of truckloads of pulses at levels of Rs. 23 - 30. These are now available at close to Rs. 100/-.

Is this happening with Government blessings and some are partners in the loot?


manju said...

I just heard a news report on television that India has exported non-Basmati rice to various African countries despite our own stocks being very low.

Apparently the firm acting as 'middleman' had permission only to send the rice as a humanitarian gesture by India, but sold it instead- with bribes being given at all levels.

Vinod_Sharma said...

I have little doubt that this whole this was initiated by Sharad Pawar in sugar. Others have caught on now, within and outside the government. The loot is now open, no fear or shame. Next elections are five years away and what is worse is they think they have found the formula to keep winning, no matter what they do.

Aam admi, as I said earlier somewhere, has got the 'guthli'; the netas have the real 'aam'.

Mavin said...

We should be aware of a new and dangerous animal on the scene. The corporate trader. With vasy resources, they can clean up the market and hoard till prices double or treble.

Interest cost for one year waiting is 15% and profits about 150%. Fantastic bargain.

BK Chowla said...

Manju,the one you are referring to is a Rs 2500 crores scam.However,we can be sure no action will be taken,may be a committee will be formed by the govt to protect the culprits.
Sharad Pwar controls the sugar co-op in Maharashtra and the initial problem of price rise started from there.
Rest is .Congress doesn,t have to face elections for a long time to come.
Hence ,the attitude.

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