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A 'different' high five to austerity

Still-born 'austerity' is getting another burial right in the heart of India's capital.

MLAs of Delhi are set to get a hike in salaries. Nothing exceptional in that except the fact that the increase is, yes, five times! Presently on an average a legislator draws around Rs,45, 000. A new bill, accepted by the Delhi assembly, if cleared, will make that amount above Rs 1.5 lakhs.

Earlier this year, legislators had given themselves the right to draw pension from different government sources, allowing those who retired from government jobs to simultaneously draw their pension as well as full MLA's salary.

Looks like our politicians have been hit the hardest by run away inflation in food items, and enthused by the revival of the economy. Early birds catching their worms. And ours too!


BK Chowla said...

It is nothing short of loot.
Such bills get passed without a word of opposition and get implemented without any palm greasing.
How long will this country follow the colonial style of rule?

S Uttam said...

Unless all parties benefit from such a bill it will not get passed so I guess all the vultures are getting their share. It is the aam aadmi who is a bird out to get their worm(s)!! The vultures will eat anything to survive... yes, even the dead (birds)!!

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

I think the aam aadmi is the poor little worm that gets eaten by the birds.

Happy Kitten said...


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