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The controversial news of a minority organisation issuing a fatwa against singing the national song 'Vandemataram' is one more litmus test of the much touted Indian 'secularism'. Is singing 'Vandemataram' a parameter to measure the patriotism ? Don't we have more burning issues in India to tackle ? Are mere nationalistic rituals enough to prove our commitment towards national integrity ? Doesn't true patriotism lie in obeying the social responsibilities and obligations ? Why do everyone talk about 'Constitutional Rights' when they least bother about their 'Constitutional Duties' ? Besides, how many countries have banned their national songs just because of objections from minorities ? 'Vandemataram' is known and respected for its patriotic fervour and flavour, rather than religious colours. Isn't it rational to sing the song to commemorate the sacrifices of our martyrs of Independence ? Does our 'religious obsession' stand ahead of 'national identity' ?


Sagarone said...

The answer to the last question is unfortunately yes. For die-hard Muslims such as the JUH, their Islamic identity is more important then some recent construct such as a national identity. Remember that they are living in "dar-ul-harb" and they have to keep working towards turning it into a "dar-ul-islam".

Vinod_Sharma said...

Welcome here Mahesh. Hope you enjoy posting here and reading what others post, for a long time.

Those are important questions you have asked. Really there was no need to start a controversy at this point of time on an issue that had been resolved long back, with the JUH being a party.

I think this development has got a lot to do with the weakness of the Indian state that everyone perceives, be it China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, criminals, terrorists, you name them.

BK Chowla, said...

This one incident will lead to another.Problem lies with our Govt who has managed to rule with minority appeasement as an agenda.We are one country who wants 85% of population to follow 15% minority population just for one single purpose---vote.

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