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Abhishek Manu Singhvi, Congress spokesperson, commenting on the emergence of the Madhu Koda scam, discovery of books with political names, and possible prior knowledge of that, in his Party, on CNN-IBN recently : “There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that anybody who mattered in the Congress knew about it...that the Congress connived or knew about it and you know it and the country knows it.”

Does this mean congressmen-who-don't-matter knew about it and kept quiet?
Who matters in Congress is an open secret. That’s why, regardless of democratic election processes, just one person in New Delhi has the amazing qualification to decide; others just obey.

Should IIMs be asked to research this amazing decision making ability? Can the results be translated into rules for the aam junta and smaller organizations to follow?

Is Kapil Sibal listening?


Vinod_Sharma said...

When those who matter know what is happening, no harm comes to the likes of Koda. YSR Reddy is a prime example!

BK Chowla, said...

Manu Singvi has a definite brief and that is why he was given the RS seat.
Congress may like to believe that we believe in what Manu Singvi is saying about Koda.Corruption has now become a very well organised art and with so many lawyers in political parties-one has a safe exit route.
Why not allow Congress to believe that we all believe they are clean in this episode??
Neither corruption nor Koda is an issue.
Don't be surprised if all the parties are waiting to give Koda's wife ticket for the coming elections?

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