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Man marries bitch to undo curse

Remember how King Pandu was cursed when he mistook Rishi Kindama and his wife for deer and shot an arrow, killing them when they were making love?

Selva Kumar, a 34-year old farmer from Sivaganga, Tamil Nadu, did something similar when he was 18. He stoned to death mating dogs and hung their carcasses from a tree.

A few days later, his hands and legs got paralysed and he lost hearing in one ear. Doctors were clueless.

Finally, an astrologer told him that he was cursed by the spirit of the dogs he had killed and the only way to undo it was to marry a bitch and live with her.

He did that with 10-year old Selvi who was dressed in an orange sari, in a ceremony befitting a beautiful Hindu bride.

No word yet on the honeymoon.
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BK Chowla said...

At least I find some one sensitive.
I had heard men getting married to a tree

Mahesh Kalaal said...

Poor dog....
Forced marriage?
what about her dog rights?
Is Blue Cross listening?

Vineeta said...

Oh god!! It sounds like the incident in the movie 'Welcome to Sajjanpur'!! I thought it happened only in fictional world! But thanks to our astrologers.. it can happen in real life too :(

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