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Price of life ?

Two women, Meera and Gita and their newborns, at The District Women's Hospital, Sitapur, UP, were alloted a single bed, and they slept head-to-feet to maximise the available space. Meera, turned, caused the newborn of Geeta to fall down, and the child lay there, hurt and crying for an hour and a half, despite calls from Gita. It was later declared dead, hours after its birth.

Rural children in the state face an 80 per cent higher risk of dying before their fifth birthday compared with urban children, with overcrowding and lack of care at hospitals a major reason.

Madhu Koda, erstwhile CM, Jharkhand, hiding in the ICU of a hospital due to “abdominal pain and nausea”, emerged shamelessly, saying he had no time to meet the Income tax authorities who accuse him of a Rs 2000 crore scam.



Vinod_Sharma said...

How come India does not have a Politicians Day? They are the ones who are flourishing in Independent India and getting away with murder.

Ugich Konitari said...

Its good there is no "politicians day". There will be so many people buying tomatoes to throw on them and hit them on their special day, the price of tomatoes, already up, will hit the roof. Thank God for small mercies..

BK Chowla said...

This is not an isolated case.
Try and visit AIIMS in Delhi once and you will feel sorry for the state of affairs.
A could take 2 days for a patient to meet the Dr and they keep lying on the lobby floor.
Visit,next door VIP ward. You will have the luxury of 5 star treatment.

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