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Man Rapes Bitch, To Be Tried

In what could prove to be path-breaking move in law, a Mumbai man is going to be tried for raping a bitch.

To prove its case, the prosecution is collecting semen and going to laboratories to prove that force was used in this non-consensual sex. Tardeo Police are in search of more eyewitnesses whose testimony will be crucial since the victim's statement cannot be recorded. Or deciphered.

Section 377 of the IPC is being applied in this act of unnatural sex. Gay activist Vikram Doctor says that what has been done is wrong since “animals cannot give consent to what people do to them”.

This is not the first such instance. Anuradha Sawhney, Head PETA, says a case was registered earlier against a man in Delhi for raping a buffalo.

Wonder what some Arabs might have to say.


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