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Winter in Bangalore

Winter arrived in Bangalore, true to its word, in the week following Diwali. The first warning of its silent arrival was given out by my skin which began to parch and show white patches, reminding me to keep tons of lotion handy for the whole family, and to air the blankets and sweaters for use.

Bangalore normally enjoys a moderate climate unlike Delhi where the temperature hovers very close to the extremes during Summer and Winter. However, the ill effects of the Bangalorean Winter are breathing difficulties, continuous cycles of cough & cold, freezing water flowing from the overhead tank, my son absolutely refusing to wear woollen, freezing feet if I forget my sandals for a moment indoors, dry skin scraping against anything I touch, chilly wind that pierces our ears.

And yet, I love Bangalore in Winter! Do you?
Tweet submitted by Jeena R Papaadi


Vinod_Sharma said...

Jeena, welcome here. Hope to read many more of your tweets!

Bangalore and winter? For someone who is from Delhi, that is difficult to understand. You are lucky to have such divine weather the year round in such a lovely city!

BK Chowla said...

In olden days I remember Banalore was referred to as the air conditioned city of India.
I only can remember Brigade Road and a revolving restaurant.

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Hi Jeena, Nice to find you here on India Tweets and looking forward to some news about the Garden City happenings on this wonderful Tweet-blog created by Vinodji!

Jeena R Papaadi said...

@Vinod: Thanks a lot, delighted to be here!
You are right, Bangalore winter is so very mild compared to Delhi, it is the wind that chills us.

@BK Chowla: The days of 'Air Conditioning' are long gone, unfortunately. Global warming, Metro rail, everything is contributing in cascades to destroy the City.

@Gopinath: Yes, this 140-word blog is a brilliant idea. In fact, I came across this site from your blog - while I was reading the comments!

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