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Greedy parents selling virgins for sex

In India, we often hear about parents who are forced to either abandon their daughters or sell them due to extreme poverty. Many also illegally abort female foetuses primarily because of ills of the dowry system. Rarely have we heard of normal parents selling their virgin daughters, not because they have little choice, but because they are driven by greed.

In UK, some parents are forcing young girls into prostitution and selling virgins under 12 to Arab millionaire paedophiles for sex for upto $ 81,000. Normally, kids from Eastern Europe, the Far East and Africa serve as sex slaves. But now home-grown prostitution rings are also on the rise.There is likely to be an explosion in sex trafficking in the run up to the Olympic Games.

India needs to watch out. Commonwealth Games are due next year,


BK Chowla said...

In the mid-70s a similar situation existed in India,especially in some of the southern states.

Happy Kitten said...

a sad state of affairs.. nd the child's life is over from then..

and I can never understand what prompts some to say that selling one's body is fine...if one is forced, then one has no choice....

sex has been given more importance that what is due,nd here lies the problem and this cycle will continue since so much money is involved in it..

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