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China border dispute: India is asleep, again

China's assertion that Arunachal Pradesh is a part of that country has hit the headlines again. But this claim is not new at all.

Kiren Rijiju, a former MP from the state, says that well before the debacle of 1962, Mao Zedong had termed Tibet as the palm of a hand and Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan as five fingers which were Chinese Territories and needed to be liberated. Another Himalayan Blunder is in the making, he says, as India is doing little more than verbally rejecting China's claims while the latter is furiously developing Tibet etc.

China, for example, has built a railway line in Tibet despite permafrost conditions, while India has not added a single kilometer to the railway line built in Arunachal by the British.

The full article, available only here, is an eye-opener.


BK Chowla said...

We have not learnt any lesson after 1962.China has been busy building infrastructure around India with the help of Pak,Bangladesh,Maynamar. Regretfully,we never bothered developing our infrastructure along the border.
Incidentally,the present Sec Foreign affairs and the previous also,both were Ambassadors in China...still we have no clue on our policy towards China.

Vinod_Sharma said...

I wish someone writes a book laying bare the inside story of the individuals who have been guilty of keeping India's eyes shut in such a criminal manner.

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