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And why did they die?

When I read that 67 people died on hearing the death of YSR, I wondered if such an incident could happen in Kerala.

In Kerala we do have ardent supporters who will kill another for the party’s sake, but never have I heard of anyone committing suicide or dying on hearing about death of a political leader. Is it because the state is 100% literate/ more developed/ does not have a leader worth dying for? Or is it because the caste system is thinning out and many social norms have been thrown out?

Perhaps in states where desperate needs are met even to the barest level, people tend to elevate their leader to the status of God.

One wonders how a leader who has been accused of so much of corruption got into the hearts of the common people.


manju said...

Yes, so many committing suicide after the death of YSR is truly tragic.

This would probably not happen here in Maharashtra either. Here after a political leader dies it is more likely that the hospital where he died will be trashed.

In this case followers would have probably beaten up whoever they thought are responsible for the crash- maintenance crew of the helicopter, etc.

Happy Kitten said...

yea not in Maharashtra either... but some leaders are popular even if they are corrupt...

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