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Only Whores Marry For Love!

Shocked? There is huge, living part of India where love marriages are still frowned upon and an age-old moral and honour code is imposed by panchayats.

Jat leader Mahendra Singh Tikait, who commands a sizeable following in a many areas kissing India's national capital, has made it clear that marriages within the same gotra are incestuous and love marriages are also not acceptable: “Only whores can choose their partners”. Blaming education for this dirt, he hails the recent decision of a panchayat to execute a couple who married against the society's wishes.

In a related development, khap panchayats in Haryana are determined to get legal sanction for their decisions by getting suitable amendments incorporated in the Hindu Marriage Act, so that there are no further “clashes between tradition and the law”.

India and Bharat are different countries indeed!


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