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Trapped Hoolock Gibbons Need Rehabilitation

Hoolock Gibbons, the second largest of the gibbons, are a rare species that live in forests and depend on fruits, insects and leaves for survival.

Due to rampant deforestation, their habitats in Arunachal Pradesh are under threat. 13 Hoolock Gibbon families have been discovered stranded in a small forest patch near Delo village, 23 kilometers from Roing, Dibang Valley. Some of them are trapped on a single tree and are facing a serious food and water crisis. Fortunately they are safe from poaching because the Idi Mishmi community has prohibited their killing.

Forest Officer Aloke Singh says that WTI, America based IFAW and the Wildlife department have been approached to take appropriate measures to rehabilitate the homeless gibbons.

A team from Itanagar is expected soon to relocate them in a nearby wildlife sanctuary. Hope they reach in time.


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