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Jaswant For Jinnah, Obama For Gandhi

Jinnah's greatness may have been re-discovered by Jaswant Singh who evidently does not think much of his peer, Mahatma Gandhi. But in far away America, Gandhi continues to inspire.

President Obama, asked by a student which person, dead or alive, he would like to have dinner with, said it would be Gandhi “who is a real hero of mine...He inspired Dr. (Martin Luther) King...with his message of nonviolence...He ended up doing so much and changed the world just by the power of his ethics”.

"It would probably be a really small meal”, Obama said, “because he didn't eat a lot”. Jaswant, who loves his "chhota peg” would no doubt like to have dinner with Jinnah who enjoyed his whiskey too.

All depends on what you really want to “eat”, even when given such a chance.


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