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Electric 'Shocks' From Indian Cars

Indian cars are going electric, and globally.

An electric Tata Indica is going to be launched in Norway in September 2009, since that country has adequate infrastructure for electric cars. The car will run on Lithium-ion batteries and can do 175-200 on a full charge.

Reva's awkward-looking, cramped 2-seater, which was India's first electric car, is also going in for a dramatic makeover in collaboration with Dilip Chhabaria.

In a first for an Indian built vehicle, Reva Electric is unveiling two distinctly different models at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the world's largest automotive stage, next week. The NXR is a three-door four-seater meant predominantly for India and emerging markets, and the NXG is a svelte two-seater sports car for Europe. The former is to go into production in early 2010 and the latter in 2011.

Expecting more such pleasant shocks!

Photo source: Zigwheels


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