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Royal Price For Nawabi Sevian!

With Id round the corner, can sevians be far behind? Nawabs may have become history but Shameel Shamsi, owner of Naushijaan Sweet Shop in Lucknow, who makes makes many varieties of sevians (sweet vermicelli dish), has come up with Nawabi Sevian that costs a whopping Rs 10,000 a kg!

With oils and flavours from Iran, golden leaves and dry fruits, this delicacy has yet to find an Indian buyer. But Shamsi believes that Allah will send someone for it before Id.

In the meantime, customers from Lucknow are literally lining up to get their favourite sevians whose prices start from Rs 140 a kg. Several overseas orders have also been received from the Gulf and London.

Will anyone be surprised if orders for the Nawabi sevian come from politicians who are indisputably India's modern day nawabs? But will Shamsi tell?


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