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Increasing Production By Using Bamboo

Despite rainfall being less than usual this year in Sikkim, the production of tomatoes, flowers and vegetables increased by 25%.

The credit for this goes to a technique developed by Pune engineer Rajesh Edke , that uses bamboo instead of steel rods to build polyhouses, which greatly reduces construction costs and makes them affordable for the farmer.

The polyhouse protects the crops from bad weather. It also facilitates the collection of carbon dioxide generated by the plants, which is recycled by them for growth.

With an area of 250 sq m, each of these polyhouses can generate an annual income of Rs 80,000 to Rs 1,00,000 for the farmer. We now plan to provide bamboo polyhouses to over 40,000 families." says K.K. Singh, Director, Horticulture, Sikkim.

A good example of developing techniques that directly benefit the agriculturist!


Vinod_Sharma said...

India needs more of these low cost innovations that help farmers with small land holdings who can't afford hi tech stuff.

manju said...

Yes, and it's heartening to see that the Sikkim government is encouraging farmers to use this innovative technology.

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