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Miracle Rice 'Pre-cooked' By Nature

Scientists at the Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI) in Orissa may have found an answer that could prove to be a life saver for millions in India, besides being useful for troops located in remote areas.

They have developed a variety of rice that cooks simply on being soaked in water, inspired by a similar low-yielding rice, komal saul, that is grown only in Assam. Experts at CRRI have managed to develop a hybrid of a strain of this rice with a high-yielding variety of regular rice, and have named it Aghunibora.

Successful field trials suggest that this miracle rice could be grown in different climates across India. This is exciting news in a country that has a third of the world's malnutritioned children. The really poor will be able to have a meal without having to light a fire.


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