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Religion and Sex Crimes: Two More Cases

What is it that make some men of religion do exactly the opposite of what religion teaches and what they themselves preach? Particularly when it comes to sex?

The latest in the unending series of sexual crimes involve a pastor and a granthi.

Father Sadhu Immanuel has been arrested for raping a 20 year old girl. This 60 year old man runs a charitable trust in a village near Minjur in Tiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu. Reportedly, he has sexually assaulted other girls too, even inside the church.

A few days after a granthi was found watching pornographic clips on his mobile while reading the Granth Sahib, another one has been caught after he tried to assault a five-year old girl in a village near Barnala, Punjab.

Makes one wonder whether Osho was right, after all.


Kislay said...

I think Osho was right Sir . He was so unconventional , he died of a veneral disease , but he practices what he preached . Much better than the contemporary God Men .

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