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UP Villagers Expose Pension Scam

A year ago, the Department of Social Welfare in Uttar Pradesh started listing the beneficiaries of its old age pension scheme on its website. E-kiosks, known as Lokvani, were set up at various centres.

Last month, a young mechanic in Sitapur wanted to check why his father’s old-age pension had suddenly stopped. 'He went to a local Lokvani centre, where he got a list of the beneficiaries from his village.'

Finding many irregularities, he complained to the District magistrate.

'Since then, preliminary inquiries have led to the detection of a widespread racket. The state government has now ordered a physical verification of the lists in all villages.'

'“The idea behind putting the information online was to create transparency and this is what is happening now,” said Shailesh Krishna, secretary to the Chief Minister. '


Vinod_Sharma said...

Good to hear some good news from Maywati's Queendom. Let us hope this is replicated elsewhere too. The more the transparency, the more will people get empowered.

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