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Rats Hold Up Air India

A rat held up Air India's Amritsar-Toronto flight for 11 hours at Amritsar on Saturday. The rat, spotted as the plane was being connected to the aerobridge, could not subsequently be found, and a substitute aircraft had to be called from Delhi.

While this rat may held up one plane for 11 hours, the whole airline has been under rat attack since 1978, when the government unceremoniously removed the legendary JRD Tata, who founded the airlines, as chairman. Ever since then, ever hungry political and bureaucratic rats have been feasting on India's national carrier, and not one has been caught yet. The airline is now so critically ill that it needs Rs 10,000-15,000 crores to prevent it from collapsing.

No matter how much money is pumped in, unless the real rats are fumigated, things are not going to improve.


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