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Big Brother Will Be Watching

The Central Government of India intends to establish the National Intelligence Grid by the end of this month.

This will give designated officers of 11 Central security agencies- Intelligence Bureau, National Investigating Agency, Central Bureau of Investigation, etc.- complete access to 20 databases held by public authorities. These include Bank accounts, Tax details, PAN, insurance details, etc.

'The idea is to let the law enforcement agencies get quicker and comprehensive access to all information related to suspected criminals and terrorists at one place.'

Government sources are playing down concerns about protection of privacy of citizens. Similar measures have been taken in other countries, too, they say.

The final approval of Home Minister P Chidambaram for the initiation of the first phase, which is now ready to be put in place, is awaited.


Vinod_Sharma said...

Conceptually it is a very sound idea and long overdue. One only hopes that the "Big Brother" does not be become the "Big Robber or Blackmailer", given the level of corruption that exists all round!

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