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No Austerity In Maharajah Class

All ministers are now travelling Twitterer Tharoor's austere “Cattle Class” (CC).

Even Sonia Gandhi made one CC trip to Mumbai but, says Sagarika Ghose, due to the additional security guys she took, the net saving was Rs 7,000 only. Rahul Gandhi also made one train CC trip surrounded by heavy security. A few stones thrown at his train by boys near Panipat was all that was needed to stop further CC inconvenience.

Rahul's recent 3-day trip to Tamil Nadu cost Rs 1 crore. Since he and Sonia have no 'choice' but to travel Maharajah class, why should they not do away with their many trips, and call Congress leaders to Delhi by non-AC CC instead? Why not remove expensive SPG protection from Robert Vadra? What threat does he face?

Austerity always stops at the maharajah's doorstep.


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