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La-loos And The Rail Freight Project

Remember the two dedicated freight corridors, between Ludhiana and Kolkata, and between Dadri and Mumbai, that were conceived by the Indian Railways in 2004-05 and approved by the Central government in 2007, to be built at a cost of Rs 28181 crores?

Finally, after another two long years, the Union cabinet has given approval to availing of a low interest $ 3.7 billion loan from Japan.

As per the original schedule, the first phase of the project was to have been completed by 2012-14 and was part of an infrastructure development plan involving an investment of $ 500 billion by March 2012. The completion date has now been pushed to 2017. Five years is a very long time.

We can't beat China till our babus and netas realise the value of time. Many La-loos need to be weeded out.


manju said...

Yes, five years is certainly a very long time. And by then total cost is sure to go up, even if inflation has been factored into the estimates.

The Railways Minister has specified that land will not be forcibly acquired, and review of existing cases of such land seizures will be done. Though necessary to an extent, will this result in even more delay?

Vinod_Sharma said...

You have said what almost everyone expects. There will be further delays due land aquisition, delays in finalisation of tenders etc for obvious reasons.

We have no sense of purpose or national pride. Most of those involved will be happy making money only. And we are not talking of ordinary folks.

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