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No point in talking

Pakistan wants unconditional talks with India according to Pakistani Foreign Minister Qureshi. He has also threatened that India's decision not to continue efforts to resolve issues like the Kashmir problem through the composite dialogue would have "consequences".

In the meantime, Pakistani Punjab IGP Tariq Saleem Dogar has said that the mastermind of Mumbai 26/11, Hafiz Saeed has neither been arrested nor put under house arrest, rather the police is providing an extra security cover to the Lashkar-e-Taiba’s (LeT) founder leader.

When will we learn that there is no point in talking with these people?


Vinod_Sharma said...

There is no point in talking but, as the PM has admitted, there is no choice. India has lost every single opportunity over the last two decades to "talk back" in Pakistan's language. And that is because there has never been a national strategy to do whatever is needed to make Pakistan remain in its boots and behave its size. No strategy, therefore no capability, therefore no choice but to "talk" and plead.

Anonymous said...

The politicians are too busy filling up their swiss bank accounts... how the hell do you expect them to come up with anything national except for how much money they can make... or how many acres of land they can usurp... or how many of their children can become politicians... or how many times they can travel abroad at the tax payers expense...

Neeraj | said...

the answer to your question is: we will NEVER learn.

i just hope that in the next terrorist attack some high ranking politicians themselves are directly affected.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Your cynicism is justified, given our past record. Learn we will. The question is when and after how much more?

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