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Fly Cattle Class, Piddle First Class!

Congress leaders may be flying “cattle class”, thanks to the wonky austerity drive now in place, but citizens of Delhi will soon get 7-star comforts on the ground itself. Well, at least when they want to piddle!

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is planning to construct as many as 300 toilets that will be better than the ones you get in 5-star hotels, with soap dispensers, hand dyers, fancy washbasins etc. Casual users will be charged Rs 2 while the regular ones will be able to buy a toilet card!

That is not all. Each block will also have coffee shops, fast-food joints, flower shops, ice-cream parlours etc. Mercifully, these will be operated by private operators having a brand value of minimum Rs 5,000 crore.

Costing Rs 1 crore each, they will come up before the Commonwealth Games.


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