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RSS Breaks BJP's Free Fall

It looks like Mohan Bhagwat has broken the free fall of the BJP. The RSS parachute has opened just in time. Advani, who met Bhagwat today, is likely to step down. Rajnath Singh will also go.

There is speculation that the third man in the centre of the storm, Arun Jaitley, will take over as party President. If that happens, nothing will have changed. Remember the way he publicly sulked during the election campaign and went missing for about 10 days? Not only did that hurt the BJP but also showed him, its master strategist, in very poor light.

For the BJP to get out of this vortex of groupism and selfishness, it is vital that a visibly honest leader, not tainted by it in any manner, takes over the reigns of the party, to purge and rebuild it.


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