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Locked Indoor In Tezpur Since 1962

Thula Borah, a 63 year old man, has remained indoors since 1962. And that is not because Chinese soldiers almost overran Deurigaon, the village near Tezpur, where he lives. As per his neighbours, it is because he could not digest his mother's scolding for failing in his Class X exams.

All efforts to make Borah come out of his self imposed confinement have failed.He survives on food his kin pass to him through a window. His neighbours say he was in his senses till a couple of years back

While this is an extreme case, there is certainly a lesson in it for parents who unknowingly traumatise their children in varying degrees by piling on more pressure than they are wired to handle.

I am sure there are many Borahs out there who have gone “indoors” mentally.


Smita said...

words can kill, maim more than any weapon in the world...i agree, many operate minimally from behind locked doors....

Vinod_Sharma said...

I have been thinking since morning. 47 years indoors. A shudder runs through me...

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