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Power-less India

The wannabe super power is 'power-less' along more dimensions than one. Consider the following facts that have emerged from a recent study.

Power shortages cost India Rs 100,000 crores annually - enough to generate additional 25,000 MW, 20% of current generation. Indians spend Rs 30,000 crores to maintain and operate power back ups - equivalent of another 8,000 MW. Out of the installed capacity of 1,51,073 MW, only 96,000 MW is available for consumption, due to power theft and transmission losses.

Opportunity cost of shortage is Rs 2,89,000 crores, 6% of GDP. Enough to raise existing capacity by 50%. The only guys happy are power back up equipment manufacturers.

A telling picture of how myopic our babus and netas have been. Remember the time when one got a telephone after 10 years and had to book a Bajaj scooter?


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