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What a Guru Dakshina

This story will tug at your heart. Ex-students of a school at Gurusamyapalayam village in Tamil Nadu have given their 83-year old teacher a unique gift: a 1,200 sq ft house. For over three decades, Venkataraman had inspired awe among his students by his stirring Tamil poetry and oratory.

Two years ago, when the old boys of the school met their teacher and found that he was surviving on a Rs 9,000 monthly pension, burdened by debts incurred for the marriage of his two daughters, they were shocked. About 250 of them, police officers, doctors, engineers among them, decided to gift him a Guru Niwas. A Coimbatore industrialist also gave Rs 1.35 lakhs.

The two storey Rs 10 lakh house will be handed over to him on September 8. The octogenarian has been moved by the gesture. So are we.


manju said...

Truly moving! He must have been an inspiring teacher for his students to want to do this for him!

Vinod_Sharma said...

After so many years!

Jaggi said...

Really a great gesture..

Aparna said...

A heart warming gesture.
We all have teachers who have touched our lives in some way or another...very few act on it.

Vinod_Sharma said...

Jaggi, indeed it is.

Aparna, yes, very few act on it. Parting with money for someone who can do nothing for you is not easy for most of us.

Kislay said...

Now that is something .

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