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The Buck Stops Here

“The buck stops here”. This phrase was popularised by US President Truman who kept a sign with it on his desk in the Oval Office. The phrase refers to “passing the buck”, palming responsibility to someone else and the fact that the President has to take decisions and accept ultimate responsibility for them.

A few months back, NTDV, manifestly in a fit of mindless arrogance, started a program called “The buck stops here”. Barkha Dutt, who anchored the program, says on Twitter that she is getting ready for its Second Season. How can any TV channel abrogate for itself the ultimate responsibility and accountability that the phrase suggests?

I have a suggestion.

Considering the brilliance with which Prannoy Roy has used NDTV to enrich himself, NDTV should start a show called “The bucks stop here”!


Krishna Aradhi said...

Nah... the buck doesn't stop there, it more likely goes into a secret Swiss bank account which was gifted to these morons for being loyal to the Family.

Ram Dev Rao Madala said...

NDTV’s program "The Buck Stops Here" has a name that is a misnomer.
Let me tell you why - It is merely a debate show where eminent / well known people are called to discuss and air their point of view on an issue at hand. This program has no jurisprudence to provide solutions that are implemented as decided in this forum. Most of the times, there is no consensus at the debate, but a deep satisfaction that the entire issue has not been debated at depth. Mostly, this show has the participants willing to ‘pass the buck’ and less willing to ‘buck stops here’

‘Buck stops here’ with a person of authority willing to take responsibility of the issue and provide solution, rather than pass them up to higher authorities.

In no way, this program show does it. So, why this name? Or am I missing something?

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