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Memorials: Taller, Bigger, Better!

After all the noise it made about the dalit memorials being constructed by Mayawati in UP, the Congress first showed its “might” on August 20, when huge full and half page advertisements were put out in all newspapers by various government departments to remember Rajiv Gandhi on his birthday.

But that was clearly small change. A couple of days back, the Congress government in Maharashtra announced that it would build a Rs 350 crore Shivaji memorial, which will have his statue in bronze, one kilometer off the Mumbai coast.

Mayawati says the Noida dalit memorial will be better than the Delhi Akshardham Temple that is already being called the Eighth Wonder by some. Chavan says Shivaji's statue will be taller than the Statue of Liberty.

Will some BJP CM announce a memorial higher than the Eiffel Tower next?


manju said...

Apart from the cost (which is objectionably enormous) there is so much controversy regarding this statue.

Some Maratha organisations opposed the naming of Shri. Babasaheb Purandare (who is a Brahmin) as President of the Memorial Committee.

It seems we Indians cannot forget caste even when honouring someone like the great Chatrapati Shivaji.

Vinod_Sharma said...

And then we talk of Vasudev Kutumbakam!

Gopinath Mavinkurve said...

Collosal waste of money - even the leader being honored would have shuddered had he known about the farmer suicides and matters needing more deserving attention!

Vinod_Sharma said...

Who cares!

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