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World No.2

I admit that I do not follow the game as much as I follow, say, Football, despite the fact that I used to play daily with my friends, long ago. I do not even know who the World’s best are - except one.

There was a time when I did regret that Mr.Padukone’s beautiful daughter chose Bollywood over her father’s profession. But then, all is well that is progressing well, and we have a champion on our soil.

We have seen other shooting stars appear and fizzle out, and at each appearance, we pray that it does not vanish. Something tells me this one will stay. At the top.

Though the fact that the news found a place in the Sports page only was dampening, I still feel happy and proud that Saina has made it to World No.2 spot.


Vinod_Sharma said...

Yes, we are all proud. Waiting for her to become No.1.

BK Chowla, said...

She has made India proud and really hope she goes up another step.We all wish her good luck

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