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Sometime in the year 2005.
Some of us may remember a gentleman by the name..KULDEEP SINGH.
Some may call him a hero.
Some may have forgotten him.
Some may have decided not to remember him.
Some of us may want to know who he is.
Well he is the same DTC driver who saved lives of more than 50Delhi citizens in oct 2005.
This brave man threw the bomb out of the bus.
He has lost his eyesight, lost fingers of his right hand, hearing impaired. He needs support to walk.
What was he promised is not important. He has no money for treatment. All he has is assurances from CM Ms Dixit, assurances from DTC Only thing he did not have was money to pay his medical bills.
Who cares.
If it was a case involving a political opportunity, a number of NGOs would have jumped into score points.
For political class, it is time to wake up.
KULDEEP SINGH is still waiting and has not seen his son who was born immediately after the incident.
He is still waiting and hoping he will one day see his son.


manju said...

It is sad that the real heroes of India- like Kuldeep Singh- are forgotten. As you say, he only needs a little assistance for his medical treatment. The govt. should provide it to him without his even asking...

Vinod_Sharma said...

Such news are depressing and tell a sad tale about India's political leaders and officials. After the cameras stop rolling, so do they. What a shame.

Himanshu said...

yes memory get recall
can we do something for him?

Yuvika said...

thank you for reminding us - we so conveniently forget and do nothing :(

Kumar Anubhav said...

I think rather than waiting for the super duper lazy govt to do something, the people who were saved by his courageous and selfless act do share the obligation to take his care...
Are they sleeping after saving their lives..!!??

R. Ramesh said...

BKC day our chief reprter bala put fish on my plate and kept saying eat bhaajiya...2 o4 3 times. the foolish me dint realise and had a taste of non-veg..haha

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