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War "Games"

If this country was a corporate entity, the shareholders would have fired the management in no uncertain terms.

The centre's advice to the state to ban the Indian Mujahideen , is ignored. Why ? Movies and morally policing couples, things normally left to parents, is taken over by cops, on instructions from the top. Blasts happen. Union Home Minister calls them soft targets. Indo Pak talks continue.

In the communist ruled state of West Bengal, Maoists attack Indian soldiers at will and wage war against them. The Union Home Minister sits in Calcutta confabulating with state home ministers from naxal-infected states, and "urges" the Maoists to stop violence. Their leader makes LTTE type statements.

Why is the army not asked to step in, and handle West Bengal ? Is one eye on the vote bank making the rulers blind ?


Anonymous said...

The priorities of our government certainly seem to be skewed!

BK Chowla, said...

The problem is with the political parties.IM has been in the news for wrong reasons for a long time.The only consideration with our security concern is the minority vote.They don't understand that if the country is on fire, what good is the value of the votes.Even now it is not too late to take on the hidden terrorists who are in the form of sleeper cells---but votes weigh greater than national security.
Can any one explain the sudden "pilgrimage"being taken by Congress leaders to notorious Azamgarh.????Any guesses??

Happy Kitten said...

nd so far our great Minister has identified only one from the sleeper cell who is connected with the Mumbai blasts... if an outsider can create such an havoc in a country without any help from within the country then it is time we called them invincible...

thought Chidamabaram would do a better job...

Inverted View said...

Have you noticed that for sometime our Media does not introduce our PM as an Eminent Economist .

Vinod_Sharma said...

These really are 'war games'. No one who is anyone in the government has ever fought a real war. So, they keep playing these silly games, while those with guns continue using them and killing and terrorising innocent people.

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