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Intelligence ?

Typical story.

We have intelligence alerts from New Delhi. The State government says there are no specifics.

(No terrorist names a date, time and venue)

Whenever the blasts happen, withing 12 hours, the same governments at the state and centre trot out the names of the usual suspects. Lashkar or Indian Mujahideen.

If they are so smart, and are able to immediately find this, what stops them from using this smartness earlier ?

And why do they publicize every step of their investigation ? To give hints to the culprits ? Or are they suckers for publicity ?

In the meanwhile, on the blast day, 600 police from 22 Pune police stations were deployed to save Shahrukh Khan's film, while others were busy morally policing couples leading up to Valentines Day.

Maybe the culprits know this. Our authorities don't ?


Happy Kitten said...

nd our Minister says it was only a soft target!

BK Chowla, said...

After reading the Mid Day of the 15th, I can only say that we are not serious about security. We are afraid of getting at IM as may hit the parties on vote banks.

Vinod_Sharma said...

What we are serious about is talking about security and to Pakistan. About doing anything, we remain paralysed.

R. Ramesh said...

thanks bkc sir

Mavin said...

Three alerts and yet a blast at the same place.

Either these guys have bloody guts or the security apparatus is plain bloody stupid or is it an amazing probability of both these things being true.

Charakan said...

Good post showing how Sena 's terror threats indirectly makes the work of jehadists easy.

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